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How to spend the day with your special someone

It is that time of year again where the stores get filled with Valentine’s decorations, red balloons, hearts, flowers, and lover’s cards.  Some people get excited about this time of year, yet other people worry about the lack of funds to do something unique. Good news…you don’t have to spend money on loud restaurants filled with noise and strangers.  You can create romance and enjoy your relationship without spending money.

Here are few FREE Valentine’s Day ideas to help build a strong relationship bond:

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Step out of the box and try something unique by creating a scavenger hunt around your home.  Create clues that include favorite memories together, how you feel about your partner, and other fun items. Be creative and have fun!
  2. Backyard Dinner: Cook a dinner together (yes, it does say ‘together’) and have a romantic dinner in your own back yard.  Set the tone with candles and music.  Show your partner how much they matter by getting dressed up and enjoy the night.  Not only do you get the privacy in your own back yard, but you don’t have a waiter/waitress randomly appearing in your relationship.
  3. Hike and Picnic: Step out of the daily grind of the city life and take a dive inthiking dateo Mother Nature. Find a nearby hiking location and enjoy the scenery with your partner. The hike will automatically impact how you both feel internally and you can connect through the hike. The exercise of hiking has the body naturally release “happy chemicals” (neurotransmitters) which positively improve your mood. Nature is calming, tranquil, and beautiful which can automatically create an uplifting feel. After you soak up the beauty of the hike, find a nice place to lie on a blanket and have a picnic.
  4. Game Night by the Fire: Take advantage of the cold weather (even if you live in sunny San Diego like I do) and have a fire in your fire place.  Do you remember how you two used to connect when you first were together?  Find that playful and flirty side and get back into the groove of laughing with one another.  Find how you two used to connect when you first met each other and make it come back alive.  It is there….you simply need to find it again.
  5. Bonfire and S’mores: Since I live in San Diego, I have to put this one in (I am sorry for those who don’t have bonfires as an option).  Why stay at home when you can cuddle up around a bonfire and eat s’mores?  Surprise your partner and take them to a bonfire. Cuddling up with your loved one while eating s’mores is an automatic bonding time…without costing money.

If you have other FREE ideas for Valentine’s Day, share your thoughts and make a comment here!

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