Money and Marriage: How to Keep Strong During a Recession

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Don’t let finances tear you apart

Many people are worrying about finances and are facing tough economic struggles. Quite frequently when financial stability drops, so does the relationship satisfaction. Money and marriage are always related, and sometimes not in a positive way. Don’t be part of that trend. If your bank account is dwindling, it is more important than ever to keep your relationship strong.  

Here are some ways to keep your relationship strong while your finances are in distress:money and marriage relationship tips

  1. Be sensitive to your partner. You partner may be just as worried about finances as you are. Be sensitive to your partner’s feelings and try to understand them.
  2. Re-direct your anger. When money is tight, be upset about the situation, not at your partner. Often people misdirect their feelings onto their partner. Let your stress and anger out in a healthy place, such as at the gym, or through journaling.
  3. Free Dates. Don’t end your relationship simply because your finances are stretched. Be creative and find ways to make your dates inexpensive or even free, such as picnics, hiking, candle-lit dinners, etc.
  4. Create a plan. Create a strategy plan with your partner about how you will be coping with the financial stressors. Get on the same page about your financial plan.



Still struggling to separate financial stress from your relationship? Book an appointment to let us help you separate the two and strengthen your relationship.

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