How Many Counseling Sessions Will it Take?

People often ask me about how many counseling sessions will it take to achieve their therapy goals or to get results.  These are both very important things to know.  My therapy appointments are goal-focused and result-oriented.

Some people find that they leave the first session with a better understanding of things, starting better conversations in relationships, feelings of hope, or that they aren’t alone in the process.  Even though I work from a short-term therapy approach (10-18 sessions), each person and situation are unique.  My advice is that the harder you work in and out of the therapy office, the quicker you will get results; however, if there are traumas or relationship wounds, the therapy may be stretched out and need more in-depth focus.

The length of counseling and coaching sessions depend on the issues we are addressing, the client(s), the frequency of the therapy sessions, and the willingness to work through the issues.  As a therapist, I will do my best to do whatever I can to help get long-term results quickly.  Try the counseling and see how many counseling sessions it will actually take.  I will be up front with you and tell you exactly where we are in the process.