Do You Take Insurance? How can I get Reimbursed?

Most people love to use insurance for payment of their individual or couples therapy sessions. Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance at this time. As of right now, I provide my clients with a receipt upon request.  Many clients with a PPO have found that their insurance will reimburse for a percentage of what they pay.  Often times the counseling insurance will ask for a diagnosis and other codes which I am happy to help you with.    Once you receive your monthly or annually receipt, you can forward it to your current insurance provider for possible reimbursement. Some insurances reimburse the entire amount, some reimburse a portion, and some do not reimburse at all.

Even though I may not take counseling insurance to cover the services, I will do my best to help you find a way to make it possible. I’d recommend that you speak to your insurance company to discuss the details regarding their reimbursement policy. Also, ask about the specific treatment of couples or individual counseling. Your counseling insurance should be able to help give you all the information you need before we start the therapy process.