Dos and Don’ts: Make it Through the Holidays Together

The holidays can be a stressful time, but they don't have to destroy your relationship!

With some compromise and understanding, you can actually use the holidays to grow closer together in your own traditions and personal memories. Here are some ways to make it through the holidays together.

make it through the holidays

Do: Compromise.

Don’t: Vent about your partner’s family.

Do: Create your own traditions as a couple.

Don’t: Criticize your partner’s religion or traditions.

Learning to make it through the holidays together — in one piece — as a couple might seem difficult but it’s not impossible. With communication and the willingness to compromise, you can figure out a plan that works for everyone. Sometimes your families might not get along, or the stress of gift giving and in-laws can cause you to be on edge. Just remember that the holidays are a short period of time in the big picture. If you can make it through a stressful holiday season you will be stronger than ever in the new year!

If you need strategies for working through the holidays as a couple, consider sitting down with a marriage and family therapist who can help you figure out how to tackle this stressful time as a team. With even one or two sessions, you may find that you are able to improve your understanding of your partner’s side of things and better communicate your opinions. New skills might help you get through the holidays. Call me today and we will get started!

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