Communication Texting Advice: The Do’s and Don’ts

Communication Texting Advice: The Do's and Don'ts

Technology makes it easier to stay connected with each other, but it can also pull us apart if we let texting take over our lives.

Make a conscious effort to put your phone down sometimes when you're with your partner or out with friends. Don't let what's going on in your device take you out of the moment.

Texting advice do’s and don’ts are key to any relationship. One wrong move, and you can encounter a major miscommunication, or leave your partner feeling totally ignored because you’re so focused on your phone! Here is some advice for how to text the right way while you’re dating, or even after marriage.

Texting Advice Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Don’t text during dinner.
  • Do turn your phone to silent and put it away during date night.
  • Don’t text your partner when angry.
  • Do put your phone down when you are mad and talk in person after you have cooled off.
  • Don’t bring your cell phone to bed.
  • Do turn you phone off at a designated time and talk to your partner about your day.
  • Don’t let texting take over your entire day.
  • Do set rules as a couple for when you are allowed to text each other — and your friends.

What are your phone rules in your relationship? Share your phone do’s and don’t in the comments below!


Communication and texting advice from San Diego Therapist Jennine Estes, MFT.

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