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Most people whose marriage ends in divorce is because they have tried so hard and couldn’t get things to work. Some people burn out, lose the connection, and the attachment cord is cut. Others have been so hurt by massive amounts of injuries that the wounds are too great to sort out. Or worse, couples seek out counseling when it is “too little too late.”

If you are currently going through or recovering from a divorce, this can be a hard time. Coming to terms with the relationship, saying goodbye, handling the financial blows, or sorting out the emotions after a nasty divorce doesn’t have to keep you in the dark place. There is hope and you can find yourself!

Your therapist will help you sort out the emotions, understand how the injuries have impacted your heart, and how to heal in a way to feel more confident and self-sufficient.

Some couples are able to walk away in a clean, respectful manner, and other times the divorce brings out the nasty parts of one another. It can be a dirty fight, fending for yourself, fighting for your children, and more hitting below the belt. This is not a time to walk alone. This is the time to get additional support and resources, to build yourself strong, to gain self-empowerment, and to grieve in a healthy manner.

If you are reading this, you are probably in the midst of the divorce and looking for the right fit for counseling. Looking for Divorce Counseling in San Diego can get overwhelming. We invite you to review our website and how we work, and cruise through the articles on this site. If you have questions, pick up the phone and give us a call. Better yet, schedule your counseling session online now with no hassle or back-and-forth emails. It is simple.

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