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“People you know a little,” what does that mean exactly? I suppose these people fall somewhere between a blind date and that person you’ve been working with for the past 6 months. You know the type, maybe someone you met dancing, walking your dog in the park, or chatted-up at a bookstore. You’ve spent a little while getting to know each other but, more importantly, you’ve talked face-to-face and have picked up on all of those non-verbal cues that can mean so much, like mannerisms, eye contact, and facial gestures. You’d be amazed at how much more we learn about people from this non-verbal communication than what they’re actually saying, and just a little while together can make you quite a bit more comfortable spending time together.  So who qualifies as a person “you know a little”?

Go with your gut, if the idea of spending an afternoon with them makes you more excited than nervous, then you probably know them enough.

good first datesOk, so you know them enough, now what kind of date should you have? Start from casual dates to the heavy, romantic ones when first starting out. I know you’re captivated by your date and really want to knock their socks off, but the serious dates can also present a lot of awkward moments and pressure. There’s no need to put yourselves in that type of situation just yet, instead try a light-hearted date that provides plenty to talk. Some good ideas are events like fairs and carnivals, fun places like water parks or the zoo, interesting spots such as museums or art galleries, and activities like bowling, hiking, or a bike ride along the coast. What these ideas all have in common is that you’re able to talk and get to know each other, but the conversation doesn’t have to be driven by stories about yourselves, it can evolve from what is happening around you. Not only that, but if things aren’t going well you can either cut these dates short or even get through the date by having fun with the activity itself. Have a great time!

Written by David Hail.  He provides all kinds of fun date ideas on his web site.

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