Creating a Healthy Vacation as a Couple

Going away on vacation is an essential part of a stress-free life style. Sometimes we all need a break from the daily grind to get back into a physically and emotionally healthy state. Whether it’s an expensive trip abroad, or just a “staycation” where you rent a hotel room for a few nights in your own city, getting into holiday mode lets you relax, leave your worries behind, and reconnect as a couple.

tips to a successful couples vacation retreat trip

If you are trying to create a healthy wellness trip, make sure it is full circle. Think about how to stay emotionally, physically, mentally, and relationally healthy.

Here are some of the ways you can create a healthy vacation as a couple:

  1. healthy vacationDisconnect Electronically: No matter where you go, calming your internal world and emotions requires you to step away from a busy lifestyle. Make an agreement as a couple to put the cell phones, computers, and iPads away (with exception to necessary phone calls about the kids of course).  This will allow you to focus only the relationship and decompression.
  2. Set Up a “Business Back Up”– Leaving your business and work can cause its own stress. Create an auto reply on your email so people will know when you will be responding. Find a “back-up person” who will handle the crisis items from work while you are away so you won’t get emergency calls. It can be practically impossible to create a wellness vacation when work is constantly nagging at you in the background — you need the comfort of knowing that someone is handling the stress while you are away.
  3. Plan Healthy Meals: Create a menu for the trip that you can shop for, and bring food along that is healthy. Avoid dining out every day and night by packing meals or shopping once you get to your desired location. As the saying goes, ” you are what you eat.”
  4. healthy vacationSchedule a Spa Day: Pamper yourself. Set up time to go the spa or better yet, create a personal day spa in the hotel room for you and your partner. You can give each other massages and foot soaks. This will help you unwind, mentally clear your mind, and relax.
  5. Connect with Nature: There is nothing more relaxing than connecting with nature by going on a hike, swimming in a lake, or reading a book in the grass.
  6. Return Early: Schedule to return home early to adjust back to your routine.  Make sure you have 1 full day back at home before you dive into work.  The 1 day will help you unpack, grocery shop for the week, and be prepared to get back into your daily grind.




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