Premarital Counseling Package

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Falling in Love is Just the Beginning...

As wonderful as being married is, it's also complicated and needs the support of a healthy, strong foundation. Work together on solidifying that foundation before you walk down the aisle, build skills to nurture your relationship for a lifetime with premarital counseling. The premarital package is designed to help you prepare as a couple for a solid marriage, understand your strengths, and improve your areas of growth. These sessions will be customized and catered to your relationship.

What to Expect from Premarital Counseling Package San Diego:

  • Online Relationship Assessment & Report: The easy, online assessment is completed before starting the initial premarital counseling. This assessment is customized to each person. It looks at the strengths of your relationship and identifies the growth areas. This process will help assess the personality styles of each individual and draw out the relationship dynamic. I will walk through the results with you over the course of your three sessions. You will receive a copy of the report that will help you visually identify the strengths and understand each other on a deeper level. In these sessions, you will learn how to work with each other’s differences. This assessment will also help stimulate essential conversations. (The assessment is an additional $29.00, but worth your time and money.)
  • The Couple’s Workbook: During the first session, you will receive a premarital couple’s workbook (from the Prepare and Enrich program) exploring various areas of relationships, tools to communicate, wedding planning tools, etc. This workbook will be used alongside the therapy process.
  • Three Therapy Sessions: Explore relationship strengths and identify potential issues that need addressing. Strengthen communication skills to help address and prevent future conflict. Identify and manage major marriage stressors (in-laws, finances, parenting).  Define the boundaries and limitations to help the marriage grow.  Gain tools to resolve conflicts and understand.  Learn skills to create a secure bond with one another. Manage the Wedding Planning Stress.

The price of this entire premarital counseling package is

$390 for 3 sessions.

What to expect from premarital counseling package San Diego:

Therapy Session 1:

Your Relationship and The Therapist: The first session is about the therapist getting to know you two as individuals and in the relationship.   Exploring your comfort levels with each other while working with the counselor, and then working as a team. You will teach the counselor about your relationship; how your relationship developed, the strengths of the relationship, your concerns for the future (if any), goals for your relationship, etc. The therapist will then begin to go over the assessment results with the couple (this will continue throughout the 3 sessions).

  • Discuss Goals for the therapy
  • Goals for your relationship
  • Results of Test
  • Growth and Problem Areas

Therapy Session 2:

Creating a TEAM for Your Marriage and Your Future: Communication is key to a solid marriage. This session will address communication styles, patterns of communication, and ways to create a strong alliance with one another, maintaining a team, and learning how to communicate effectively as a couple.

  • Communication Styles/Patterns
  • Learn how to address and resolve differences
  • Conflict Resolution: Such as struggling with the in-law, managing finances, parenting, roles of a wife/marriage, etc.

Therapy Session 3:

Tying the Knot: We want to make sure you are saying “I Do” feeling very confident in your relationship. You need all the tools to make this a very strong relationship.

  • Family of Origin Issue – How to handle the family
  • Wedding Planning Stress and Managing it as a team
  • Expectations of Marriage: Roles of one another

Premarital Counseling Packages San Diego can be customized to your specific needs as a couple.  Some couples want only 3 sessions to prepare for their future, and other couples extend the sessions and focus more specifically on one or two items.  You get to make your premarital counseling package unique and tailored to your relationship. If you are looking for premarital counseling in San Diego call us today.