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We're happy to announce that we will soon be offering low cost online therapy!

Coming soon in October we will be offering clients the option for low-cost online counseling through Telehealth.
So....What is Telehealth?

What is Telehealth Counseling?

Telehealth counseling is also called internet counseling, online therapy, telemedicine, or distance counseling. Telehealth is counseling conducted via videoconference or telephone in lieu of face-to-face in-office counseling.  It is confidential and HIPAA secure using a videoconferencing platform specifically designed for therapy. Many people prefer Telehealth counseling because it is generally less expensive than traditional therapy (we offer online counseling for $85), saves time by not having to commute, and can be done in the privacy or your own home.  Of course, if you prefer sessions by telephone, that is an option also.

How Does Online Counseling Work?

If you are interested in low cost counseling online, a phone consultation with your prospective therapist, Sylvia Flanagan, would be set up to determine if your issues and needs are appropriate and you have the necessary technology to participate. Then, a “test” would be scheduled with your therapist at a convenient time to make sure the quality of videoconferencing is sufficient.  At this point, an appointment can be scheduled, and sessions can begin. To utilize the videoconferencing platform, there is no downloading of a program and no sign up required by the client. The therapist sends a link to the client, and at the time of the scheduled appointment the client clicks on the link, types in their first name and is then in the therapist’s “virtual waiting room”.  The therapist will “invite the client in” at the scheduled appointment time and the session begins!

Is Telehealth Counseling Confidential?

Yes.  Estes Therapy uses a Telehealth platform that is HIPAA compliant and secure and is specifically designed for Telehealth.  The same laws of confidentiality apply to Telehealth counseling as to any other type of counseling, so you are not compromising confidentiality by engaging in Telehealth sessions.

What Kind of Clients Can Utilize Telehealth Counseling?

Adult clients can engage in Telehealth counseling.  Currently, Estes Therapy does not see minors using Telehealth.  Also, if a client is having thoughts of suicide, or their functioning is seriously impaired by symptoms, Telehealth is not appropriate.  A referral to an in-office therapist and psychiatrist would be provided in lieu of Telehealth counseling. If you are unsure whether you are a good fit for Telehealth services, we would be happy to speak with you to help determine this.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in setting up an appointment or finding out more about our Telehealth services, please call us at 619-558-0001 or email us!  We would be happy to answer any questions you have. You can also check out the National Telehealth Resource Center. 

Meet Sylvia, the online therapists.
Sylvia FlanaganMeet Sylvia.

She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that works with individuals or couples via Telehealth – an online therapy option.