Addiction Counseling

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Get back in control of your life

Has your addiction damaged your relationships? Finances? Career? Are you tired of living two lives? Do you tell yourself you won’t do it again, and then somehow you find yourself in your addictive behavior once again? Do you spend a lot of time and money on your addiction? Do you feel great while in the addiction, yet find the aftermath unsettling?sexual addiction counseling therapy sd

Break the cycle of needing the next “fix”

You have the power to stop your negative cycles and get back in control, but it starts with recognizing the problem and then taking the step to get some help. Only you can make this happen! I can help guide you toward understanding the underlying causes that trigger your addictive behavior. Together we can work on the interpersonal challenges that serve as hurdles to your success, and the coping skills you will need to beat your addiction.

As your therapist, I will walk you through the steps of recovery; provide a safe environment for you to ask questions; and maneuver and facilitate our sessions to uncover the underlying issues. You addiction is a symptom of a larger problem and together we will address all of its complexities so you can being getting more control over your life.

Here are some addiction issues I can help you overcome:

  • Sexual Addiction
  • Internet Addiction
  • Pornography Addiction
  • Shopping Addiction
  • Gambling Addiction
Sexual Addiction Resources

Get resources for sexual addiction counseling San Diego, such as various local support groups  and recommended books for recovery.
How to Cope and Heal from your Partner’s Sexual Addiction

Resources for Partners of Sex Addicts


Sexual addiction counseling services and therapy sessions are provided to clients who live in the following San Diego areas: La Jolla, North Park, Point Loma, Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Downtown, South Park, University Heights, Sunset Cliffs, Balboa park, UTC, University Town Center, La Mesa, Chula Vista, Pacific Beach (PB), Ocean Beach (OB), El Cajon, Old Town, Mission Valley