Cognitive Behavioral Trauma Counseling

CBT and Trauma Counseling in San Diego

The phrase "the past is the past" is what we all try to achieve; leave the baggage behind us and move forward. Your mind might be great at shutting out the trauma, but the body usually remembers. And, sometimes partners don't know how to respond or miss how their behavior pushes the trauma button.

Got trauma?  How counseling helps you heal and move past it.

  • Are you successful in all areas in life and trauma keeps throwing your relationships off track?
  • Do your close relationships suffer because traumatic events from the past get in the way of being close to others?
  • Are you trying to manage the impact of a trauma?
  • Is it difficult for your partner to understand how you get impacted?

You don’t have to be held captive by your trauma.

Here is a little what you don’t know about cognitive behavior trauma therapy:

It is common for those who have experienced trauma, either as an adult or in childhood, to find it difficult to get emotionally and/or physically close to others, to trust them. Trauma often has you feeling the sense of helplessness, being out of control, or fearful in relationships.  And when it takes over the coping strategies go on overdrive, such as emotional numbing, and distancing in an effort to protect yourself from further emotional pain. When you find yourself wanting to make an emotional connection with your partner, but are unable to allow yourself to trust the safety of the bond between you, it can have devastating effects on the relationship.  Cognitive Behavioral Trauma Based Counseling can help you sort out all the emotions and prevent the trauma from impacting your relationships further.