Individual Counseling

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Be heard, be happy, feel safe

Are you feeling lonely or depressed? Do you feel like you sabotage your own efforts? Are you finding yourself in troubled relationships over and over? Don't give up hope!

Our methods of individual therapy are pretty simple. We’ll focus on the issues that are preventing you from making positive changes, working to help you strengthen your attachments to your loved ones and improve your self esteem. Whether it’s in your relationships, your work, or your personal happiness, together we can make changes that will improve your quality of life.  Our therapists want you to walk away with your toolbox filled. You’ll get practical and emotional tools to increase your confidence, decrease your anxiety, and begin enjoying yourself again.

Problems commonly addressed in Individual Counseling San Diego

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At Estes Therapy, we cover a variety of issues and problems in the individual counseling sessions. Some of the more common issues are addiction, abuse, severe stress (post traumatic or not), body image, and even loneliness. All of these issues will continue to hold you back from truly living your best life if not treated properly, or not treated at all. Some problems are short-term situations that can be easily addressed in a few therapy sessions, while other difficulties run deeper with more lasting effects (childhood wounds, phobias, etc…) and may require more attention. We will work as a team to explore the issues in your life that are preventing you from enjoying satisfying relationships and stunting your personal growth.

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What to Expect in Your Individual Counseling Session

Learn what to expect in your individual counseling sessions.

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Addiction Counseling

Has your addiction damaged your relationships? Finances? Career? Are you tired of living two lives? Do you tell yourself you won’t do it again, and then somehow you find yourself in your addictive behavior once again? We are here to help.

anger management counseling san diego

Anger Management Counseling

Anger can be overwhelming, make you feel out of control, and hurt your relationships. Get help with anger management counseling.

Anxiety Counseling

Are you nervous all the time? Do you stay up at night imagining worst-case scenarios? Does anxiety interfere with your ability to work or enjoy time with friends and family?


Break Up Counseling

Did you recently go through a break up, or are you still going through it? The end of a relationship signals a period of change, and it can often be accompanied by pain or confusion.


Codependency Counseling

Do you get exhausted trying to deal with other people’s issues all the time? Do you feel like you get taken advantage of by certain people in your life or as if you always absorb others’ feelings? Codependency counseling may be the solution.

Cognitive Behavioral Trauma Counseling

It is common for those who have experienced trauma, either as an adult or in childhood, to find it difficult to get emotionally and/or physically close to others. Cognitive behavioral trauma counseling can help.

Divorce Counseling

Going through or recovering from a divorce can be a hard time. Saying goodbye, handling the financial blows, or sorting out the emotions after the nasty divorce doesn't have to keep you in the dark place. Divorce counseling offers hope.