Counseling for Coming Out

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Come out & feel accepted

You’re not alone in this. Coming out  is a big step that often brings a lot of anxiety with it. I provide couples and individual counseling for gay and lesbian clients who are coping with learning to live openly, helping them set strategies for coming out and get through the emotions that are tied to the process. Together we will deal with the ripple effect coming out can cause among your family, friends, coworkers, and partner. There may be challenges that arise in some of these personal relationships we can work on communication tactics that build healthy self esteem in spite of potential negativity from other people.

gay lesbian coming out san diego

If you’re in a relationship and considering coming out, that can present its own set of unique challenges, particularly if one person is out and the other is not. I am experienced at helping gay and lesbian couples adjust to coming out, whether its introducing your partner to family, addressing premarital concerns, or trying to build up the confidence to come out together. I am here for you. Please book an appointment for coming out counseling in Mission Valley and let’s see if I can help.