Gay and Lesbian Premarital Counseling


lesbian-premarital-counseling-san-diegoLove is just the beginning

You’re ready to take your relationship to the next level and love is the foundation we can build upon. Whether it’s marriage, domestic partnership, or a commitment ceremony, it’s important to set a happy tone for your future.

You wouldn’t set out on a roadtrip without a map, would you? The same principle applies to the adventure you’re about to start in your relationship. In our premartial counseling sessions, I’ll give you the emotional navigation equipment you need to stay connected, improve communication, handle family stress, manage finances, and more.

Considering counseling when you’re so busy and happy may seem odd, but it’s often the most important time to strengthen your bond with each other. Many couples become hyper-focused on the upcoming ceremony and can neglect some of their partner’s needs along the way. Our sessions will focus on bringing you and your partner closer, working as a team, and relaxing and enjoying the planning stages.

Gay & Lesbian Premarital Counseling San Diego

Start your marriage off on the right foot and strengthen the love of a lifetime. Book an appointment online today or call me to schedule a session.