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We take pride in helping individuals grow within themselves and helping couples growth together. We are here to support and guide you through life's challenges and celebrate with you in each success. There are unique obstacles LGBTQ couples and individuals face. We are here for you. For some, this also means support and guidance in gaining more insight into your own sexual identity or gender identity.

Here at Estes Therapy, we are allies. We provide LGBTQA therapy that embraces a positive view of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Asexual, and Queer identities and relationships. To us, being LGBTAQ therapists means acting as advocates, getting involved, being self-reflective, and creating an affirmative setting both in our therapy office and within our community. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, we are here to get you the help that you deserve with compassion and understanding. Whether you are in need of relationship help or individual support, we’ve got your back. We believe all humans are capable and deserving of compassion and understanding. Whether you need help getting your relationship out of a rut, or want preventative work or premarital counseling, we will provide you with a research-based treatment plan to fit your unique needs as a couple.

Our LGBT counseling team provides both individual and couples therapy in San Diego. Together we will deal with coming out, coping with your family’s reaction, and how your sexual identity may influence your religious, cultural, ethnic, or other identities. We will work on forming a strong support system for you in your journey to coming out and all it entails. Connection is at the root of our being. We all want to feel accepted and loved.  We understand that on top of getting stuck in negative interaction cycles, ruptures in connection, relationship injuries, and patterns of miscommunication that most couples face, there are unique obstacles for LGBTQ couples. These include family isolation, social attacks, religious injuries, microaggressions, and rejection of your identity or sexual preference from loved ones, peers, or your community. Together you and your therapist will work on strengthening a new relationship, improving a long-term commitment, and dealing with any outside factors that may be putting pressure on your relationship.

Ultimately, our counseling team is here to help you navigate your problems so you can feel happier, healthier, and more accepted.

Coming Out

You’re not alone in this. Coming out  is a big step that often brings a lot of anxiety with it. We provide couples and individual counseling for gay and lesbian clients who are coping with learning to live openly. We help our LGBT clients set strategies for coming out and process the emotions that are tied to this. Together we will deal with the ripple effect coming out can cause among your family, friends, coworkers, and partner. There may be challenges that arise in some of these personal relationships we can work on communication tactics that build healthy self esteem in spite of potential negativity from other people.

If you’re in a relationship and considering coming out, that can present its own set of unique challenges, particularly if one person is out and the other is not. We are experienced at helping gay and lesbian couples adjust to coming out, whether its introducing your partner to family, addressing premarital concerns, or trying to build up the confidence to come out together. We are here for you.

Premarital Counseling for LGBT Couples

Love is just the beginning. Whether it’s marriage, domestic partnership, or a commitment ceremony, it’s important to set a happy tone for your future.You wouldn’t set out on a roadtrip without a map, would you? The same principle applies to the adventure you’re about to start in your relationship. In our premartial counseling sessions, I’ll give you the emotional navigation equipment you need to stay connected, improve communication, handle family stress, manage finances, and more.

Considering counseling when you’re so busy and happy may seem odd, but it’s often the most important time to strengthen your bond with each other. Many couples become hyper-focused on the upcoming ceremony and can neglect some of their partner’s needs along the way. Our sessions will focus on bringing you and your partner closer, working as a team, and relaxing and enjoying the planning stages.

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