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Never feel alone in your relationship again

Wondering where all the romance went? Or feeling stuck in a relationship where “taking breaks” and the “silent treatment” just aren’t working? Maybe you’re feeling like your intimacy or sex life is stale? Maybe there’s been infidelity? Or maybe you just need a higher level of understanding and communication? There are many reasons too seek counseling. Whatever the reason, know that you are not alone.

We can help you learn how to create a stronger relationship through couples counseling. We base our couples therapy approach on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT focuses on how to form and strengthen your attachments to your partner and others.  You’ll learn about the moments when you hurt each other and how you can keep your emotional balance during those times. You will learn how to have tough conversations and better discuss boundaries. Your therapist will help you get a roadmap of where you need to go to create change.  Your couples therapist can then show you how to express your softer feelings and needs in a way that helps bring your partner closer and respond to you – so you can build a secure, lasting bond.

Communication Counseling San Diego

Great communication is the key to a great relationship – Couples Counseling San Diego

Learning when to listen and when to speak in your relationship is an integral part of communication. Often, many couples get to a point where they are only hearing the surface of the message, not the underlying need. Many couples reach out for the same connection, but have gotten stuck in a pattern where this is not done in an effective way. The underlying need of connection gets lost. Our marriage and family therapists are here to help you get unstuck and reconnect. One of our jobs with couples and marriage counseling is to decrease old harbored resentments by resolving past issues. By learning coping skills to deal with stressful issues, defining personal boundaries and boundaries in the relationship, and opening the lines of communication, you can begin to grow. These coping and communication tools will solidify and enhance that warm connection you need.

As an experienced relationship and marriage therapist in San Diego, we can tell you that every couples session is different. Situations entwined with deeper, more complex wounds often require more commitment from both partners. But do not let this dissuade you. It won’t be easy but the results are long term and effective. Therapy will allow both of you to love deeper and harder than you ever imagined.

Therapy helps, even if everything is “perfect”

Couples and Marriage Counseling can be the prevention rather than the intervention. Too often couples use counseling as a last resort. You don’t need to wait until the point of no return to improve your relationship. Just like you have regular doctor check-ins and car tune-ups, you should be checking in with your relationship. Working on your communication patterns early in the relationship may save you a substantial amount of heartache down the road! If you are contemplating if couples therapy is for you (spoiler: it is!), you can check out some of the top reasons people seek couples counseling.

Other Resources:

Some people reading this page aren’t ready to take the plunge – and I get that. If you are still contemplating starting couples counseling, check out our blog or recommended readings. You can follow us on Instagram (@Estes_Therapy) to get to know the team and our work with couples. Want more information or have questions? Feel free to reach out to our intake team via phone or email.

About Emotionally Focused Therapy San Diego:

Jennine Estes, owner of Estes Therapy, is certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples in San Diego.  She trains the Estes Therapy team of therapists on working with couples. Other trainings for couples work include Gottman Couples Counseling and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) for couples. You can check out our awesome team of therapists here! Watch this video about Emotionally Focused Therapy by the founder Sue Johnson. This will help you understand the process of the EFT counseling.

We provide couples and marriage counseling services and therapy sessions to clients who live in the following San Diego areas: La Jolla. North Park, Point Loma, Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Downtown, South Park, University Heights. Sunset Cliffs, Balboa park, UTC, University Town Center, La Mesa, Chula Vista, Pacific Beach (PB), Ocean Beach (OB), El Cajon, Old Town, Mission Valley


Affair Counseling

When there is infidelity in your relationship, the bond between you and your partner suffers a major blow. In order to help this wound heal, the trust must be rebuilt and your secure attachment restored.


Codependency Counseling

Do you feel like you always absorb your partner's feelings? You don’t have to completely give up on yourself in order to keep relationships; you can learn to set boundaries. Codependency counseling may be the solution.

Premarital Counseling

Now that you’ve said “yes,” it’s time to really start planning your new life together. Using couple skill-building techniques, we can mold your marriage into one that will survive all the challenges it may face.