Child and Teen Counseling

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Sometimes as adults we have trouble navigating through life or are met with trauma, anxiety, grief, depression, anger management issues, or family/relationship conflict. Our children and teens face difficulties and complications as well. Therapy provides a safe space for kids and teens to open up, talk about, and work through the obstacles they are facing. It is a place for them to feel validated and develop the tools to work through their issues, both those they are facing now, and the tools to work through any issues they may face in the future.

Every day, children and teens are facing new obstacles and learning how to interact with peers and authority figures. Whether your child is struggling with academic success, behavior in school or at home, anxiety, depression, past trauma, communication, self-esteem, stress, grief, or understanding their own emotions – we are here to help. Through therapy your child will learn the skills necessary to face and overcome their unique obstacles as well as the skills to face new experiences in the future. Ultimately, through overcoming these obstacles, therapy can help strengthen the bonds of your family.

Meet our Child and Adolescent therapists:

Young Ju

MFT #88568

Young Ju San Diego Male Therapist family counseling teen therapy Korean

Through the use of a culturally and trauma-informed approach, Young helps identify and interrupt patterns of behavior and thought that can be harmful to individuals and their relationships. With children, Young uses play and art therapy to engage them in their world, allowing expression and communication in their language.

With teens, trust and authenticity need to be established and experienced before any real progress can be made. Young creates an atmosphere of safety and trust by engaging them with a frank, authentic, and playful approach.  Similarly, through art and activities he helps them express themselves in a safe environment, while allowing them to explore their own thoughts and feelings. Young works primarily from a Solution-Focused and Cognitive Behavioral approach with teenagers.

The parent-child relationship can become challenging due to the many changes that children experience in their development.  In these times, Young utilizes the importance of collaboration between child and parent, and so conducts family therapy as much as possible.

Young uses Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for youth healing from trauma. This is a conjoint child and parent psychotherapy approach for children and adolescents who are experiencing significant emotional and behavioral difficulties related to traumatic life events.

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Rina Podolsky

MFT #113138

Rina Podolsky Marriage and Family Therapist Intern - San Diego Couples Counseling

Rina comes from a multicultural background and has had the opportunity to work with diverse populations. Rina offers services in both English and Spanish. With children and adolescents, Rina uses Narrative therapy and Emotionally Focused therapy, as well as play and art therapy with children. Rina provides a safe environment that best fosters emotional growth for children and teens. She incorporates parental involvement to maintain cohesiveness in the family unit – keeping in mind what is best for your child or teen.


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Therapy can help your child improve communication skills, improve classroom or home behaviour, overcome learning obstacles, improve self-esteem, and learn how to create effective boundaries. If you think your child is struggling, but seem to be facing a wall in your communication, it may be time to reach out and get help.