Affordable Counseling San Diego – $60.00 – $150.00

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Don't let the money stand in the way of positive change - $60 - $150

Here at Estes Therapy, we don’t let money stand in the way from getting the help you need. A common question for people is how much does individual, family, or couples therapy cost? Here at Estes Therapy we offer several affordable quality counseling services for all individuals in San Diego. No matter where you stand financially, we are here to help you get what you want in life. We have the sliding scale counseling (lower fee slots) with Associate Marriage and Family Therapists or online via Telehealth, you simply need to just ask about it.

You can get the help you want and be sensitive to your wallet.  It is true!

Looking for an individual or couples therapist in San Diego can already be a difficult task.  The harder part of starting counseling will be finding affordable quality counseling that best fits your needs. Take a look around the website and see if we’d be a fit. We offer both affordable individual personal counseling and affordable relationship counseling. We understand the importance of therapy and we want to have an open door for everyone. Whether you are looking for individual therapy or couples counseling, we have it here for you.

Schedule with our 2 step process. It is quick, easy, and low cost!

Step 1: Choose your therapist

We have 3 different tiers for our low fee therapy slots.

Tier 1 – Lowest Fee –  $60

For our lowest fee option ($60 per 50-minute session), we offer individual and couples counseling in Mission Valley with Lauryn Plush. We created this slot in response to COVID-19 and its effects on the San Diego community. We know that with this coronavirus anxiety, depression, and conflict have been escalating in many people. We also recognize the financial impact that many are struggling with, adding to the stress. In response, we hired Lauryn so we could provide even more affordable therapy to San Diego during COVID and beyond. Lauryn is a graduate trainee, this means she is a counseling intern and a practicum student at USD. Lauryn is completing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in conjunction with her counseling work. Much like the Associate Marriage and Family Therapists, Lauryn is supervised by a licensed professional.

Tier 2 – Lower Fee Slots – $85

For our low fee option ($85 per 50-minute session), our Mission Valley therapist is Ida Fariba and our Oceanside and North County San Diego therapist is Heather Frick. Both are Associate Marriage and Family Therapists and doctoral students (limited slots available).

Tier 3 – Limited Availability Low Fee Slots – $150

These therapy slots are limited to certain weekdays and times – so they fill up fast. These are 50-minute sessions. You will be working with a quality therapist that fits your needs. This will be with one of our Associate MFTs,  Jacob Munoz.

You can find more about what being an Associate MFT means here.

Step 2: Give us a call!

Give us a call to schedule the affordable counseling session at 619-558-0001.  Either Sylvia or the office manager Ann will walk you through the counseling and help you get set up.

Affordable counseling San Diego – Schedule with an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist!

Our mission is to make a difference and help all people in our neighborhood.

LOW FEE/LOW COST THERAPY SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE.  YOU JUST HAVE TO ASK.  Whether you are looking for marriage counseling or individual counseling, give us a call at 619-558-0001 and ask about our low fee slot.







We have affordable counseling San Diego and for all areas: Mission Valley, Point Loma, North Park, Hillcrest, and Downtown.