Affair Counseling

Rebuild the trust in your relationship.

When there is infidelity in your relationship, the bond between you and your partner suffers a major blow. In order to help this wound heal, the trust must be rebuilt and your secure attachment restored. Once both partners are ready to make a renewed commitment to the relationship -- counseling can help.

When one partner steps outside of the relationship emotionally and/or physically, a major trauma has occurred for the other partner and the relationship itself. The hurt and betrayal can be very devastating. The person who cheated might feel guilty but not know how to make it right, and the other partner is angry and may not know how to forgive.

Counseling for an affair helps both partners communicate their side of the issue and provides a safe space to express what they need. With a non-judgmental counselor to help mediate and offer insights, healing can begin.

If you have experienced an infidelity in your relationship, call us today to make your first appointment. There is hope for you relationship after an affair when you are both willing to make an effort.