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I provide coaching and counseling services in San Diego for both individuals and couples, and am experienced in dealing with all types of relationship issues. Whether you are single, engaged, married or divorced, I can help you deal with anxiety, mistrust, anger, depression, communication issues, low self-esteem, and more. Together we’ll find ways to help you feel happier and more hopeful! Browse around and see which counseling service will work for your needs.


Signs of Effective Counseling SD CA

Individual Counseling

Get the tools you need to feel better and be in control. In the individual counseling, you will learn the steps necessary to no longer feel depressed and alone. You will build your toolbox and walk away feeling better about the steps you need to take in your situation.

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Couples Counseling

Some compare love relationships to a dance. And, while it “takes two to tango," when one partner shifts, the whole relationship is re-organized. This means that couples counseling can work without both partners! Jennine assists couples in navigating all of the complicated areas of love relationships: financial, sexual, verbal and non-verbal communication, interpersonal dynamics, and more. If you are looping over and over within the same arguments, if you feel disillusioned and frustrated... it doesn’t have…

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Premarital Counseling

You wouldn’t set out on a roadtrip without a roadmap, yet so many couples start a life-long commitment without the navigation equipment to build a life that works. Your San Diego Relationship Therapist Jennine Estes will give you a toolbox full of helpful ways to communicate, discuss financial needs vs. wants, interact with the in-laws... and so much more.

Addiction Counseling

Has your addiction damaged your relationships? Finances? Career? Are you tired of living two lives? Do you tell yourself you won’t do it again, and then somehow you find yourself in your addictive behavior once again? Do you spend a lot of time and money on your addiction? Do you feel great while in the addiction, yet find the aftermath unsettling? Do you want control, but just can’t seem to get it?


Gay and Lesbian Counseling

Build healthy connections to the people you love We all want to feel accepted and loved. I provide individual and couples therapy for gay and lesbian clients in San Diego, helping them address their unique needs and find effective ways to create a secure attachments. Whether its dealing with coming out, sexual curiosity, strengthening a new relationship, or improving a long-term commitment, together we will navigate your problems so you can feel happier, healthier, and…