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Threatening to Leave Damages Your Relationship

leaving the house after a fight leaving during an argument boyfriend leaves house after a fight

Sometimes leaving during a fight allows you time to cool off and come back when level heads prevail. But threatening to leave as a way to get back at your partner is never a good idea! Especially when you just say “I’m sick of this, I’m leaving!” Are you leaving for 10 minutes? Are you breaking up with or divorcing your partner? Your partner may not know what you’re talking about, and it’s hurtful.

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I’m Doubting My Relationship – Is this normal?

relationship doubts is doubting my relationship normal stages of a relationship should i leave my boyfriend

Is it common to have second thoughts in a relationship? How can you tell if it's just a temporary doubt, or something more?

Relationships grow and change over time. It is normal to pause and question your relationship. Taking time to reflect on your relationship gives you the opportunity to examine your values and needs, and what you need in a relationship to get your needs met and live in alignment with your values.

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Am I Codependent?

Am I codependent codependency counseling codependent relationships boundaries love empath empathetic overcome

Therapy can help you find, and feel, yourself again

While those who are codependent have good intentions, it is actually harmful for both the individual and their relationships. Codependent people have poor boundaries and difficulty understanding their own thoughts and emotions because they spend their time and energy pleasing those around them; leading to a lost sense of self. Codependent relationships can be with a romantic partner, a friend, or family member. Ask yourself these questions to gauge your codependency?

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How Couples Counseling Online Can Help Your Relationship Survive COVID

Couples Counseling Online COVID support marriage therapy san diego SD california therapist counselor affordable

We are in unprecedented times. We are unified in that, and living in stress can bring out the worst in us. Stress can lead to dysregulation, turning to unhealthy or unhelpful coping mechanisms, and bad habits. All of these can create conflict in relationships. This new “normal” has led to people relearning how to navigate life, themselves, and their relationships. For many couples, gone are the days where you part ways in the morning, send a few texts throughout the day, go to the gym while your partner goes to a book club, and meet back up for dinner at your favourite restaurant and fill each other in about your day. Childcare adds an additional struggle as many are unable to safely have support from family during the pandemic. Overall, the stress of life can unfortunately seep its way into our relationships.

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Maintaining Connection During Social Distancing

covid 19 covid19 quarantine shelter in place stay at home relationship relationships fighting arguing living with your partner marriage pandemic cohabiting connection social distancing

Staying safe and staying connected.

Social distancing really means physical distancing, but staying connected virtually. Without staying connected, we are really isolating ourselves. Isolation increases the risk of a variety of health problems (heart disease, dementia, depression) and leaves us feeling hopeless and alone as we try to make our way through the uncertainty and constant changes. 

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The Safety Sandwich – Setting Boundaries

setting boundaries relationship learning to set boundaries communication personal growth healthy communication assertive assertiveness

Learning to set boundaries is tough

It is common to worry that setting boundaries will cause a relationship to suffer and hurt the feelings of the other person. Knowing the purpose of asserting your limits is essential: setting boundaries brings clarity and safety to relationships.

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Quick Tips For Building Trust after Infidelity

rebuild trust after affair infidelity cheating emotional physical

It might seem impossible, but you can learn to trust again when your partner has been unfaithful.

Facing the consequences of your actions and learning to rebuild trust after infidelity may feel never-ending, but hang tight --  it doesn't have to be like this forever. Simply because the relationship is in a tragic storm now doesn't mean that you won’t make it through to sunlight again.

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5 Steps to Communicating Needs In Your Relationship

communication needs relationships

Asking for what you want: 5 steps to getting your needs met

We all have needs, but sometimes it can be difficult to convey these needs to our partners. We might struggle with how to communicate our needs or approach our partners. Our partners might misunderstand what we are asking for. Or we might simply fear what happens if our partners refuse to meet our needs.

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