Bored? How to Build Self Esteem Through Community Fun

build self esteem

How joining the circus just might change your life.

Finding a passion in your life can do worlds for your self esteem and state of mind. Whether it’s a sport, hobby, doing some sort of crafting project, or literally joining the circus – finding something you are truly invested in helps you find joy and fulfillment in your life. What’s even better is finding a group of people who also have the same passion. When you have a common interest with a group of people, a family can form, which will serve as a support system during the best and worst times in your life. Here's how to build self esteem by leveraging your hobbies and neighbors.

Figure Out What You Love

If you’ve never been the type of person to have a hobby, think about what you love to do in your spare time, or have always wanted to try. It could be something as simple as biking, or as extravagant as being a part of the circus. Alexander Dial of the Otherwise circus recently told me, “I joined the circus 5 years ago, completely at random and nearly by accident, and was instantly attracted to the danger and the focus it necessitates.” Give something a try – you never know how it might enrich your life! Filing our time with activities and other people is essential to emotional happiness.

Make Connections

When you figure out how you want to invest your time, search your community for others who do the same thing. Even if it’s a solitary activity, like reading or scrapbooking, locate others who enjoy this activity and might be interested in forming a club. You can get together and discuss your books or projects. When it comes to the circus, Alexander says: “The circus is really about family. The circus, when you get right down to it, is an expression of love through defiance of boundaries.” When we find a secure connection with friends who share our passion, it makes us feel even more fulfilled and helps us build self-worth.

Look For Positive Outcomes

Once you have found your local community in a certain field or hobby, pay attention to how it changes your life. When you are consciously grateful for the benefits of something, the activity will be especially enriching to you. How does the circus make a difference in someone’s life? Alexander told me “What I hear the most from those who have joined the circus is ‘your circus changed my life.’ I’ve heard a dozen reasons why; people claim they’ve never been stronger, they say they’ve overcome long-standing trust issues, or that they have simply never been a part of a group so tightly knit that they routinely save each other’s lives.” This just goes to show that bonding with others over a shared love will bring you closer – pay attention to these relationships and let yourself feel that sense of family!

Interested in seeing a great group of people come together in camaraderie and fun? Visit the Otherwise circus in San Diego.

When: Saturday, March 30th 2013

Where: Sunset Temple in North Park, San Diego

Who: All ages!


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