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Vulnerability in Relationships

being loved is getting hurt

Being Loved Means Taking The Risk Of Getting Hurt

We are all human and we long for closeness and connection. In order to get the love we long for, it requires us to step out of our comfort box, take a risk, and possibly encounter getting hurt from time to time. The photo from the #BeingLOVEDIs campaign, created by Jennine Estes MFT, shows a woman expressing that #BeingLOVEDIs getting hurt.

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#BeingLovedIs: One Student’s Profound Experience

Beinglovedis san diego Being Loved is love relationships estes therapy volunteer

Alex Steele, a college student at Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU), began volunteering at Estes Therapy in Fall of 2013. She was able to be a part of the #BeingLOVEDIs project and she interviewed students at PLNU. In this article, you will read about her experience and what she learned about what other's think it means to be loved.

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The #BeingLOVEDIs Project

beinglovedis_being accepted

What does being loved mean to you?

Being loved is being human; we all want it and need it in our lives. Love is something we all can relate to and connect through with relationships. Love comes in many forms. Friends, family, pets, and lovers show their affection different from one another. I decided to start this project to understand how everyone experiences what being loved is, and the creative ways they decide to share it. Our hard wiring as a human is to feel connected through love. To give and receive love is part of our wiring.

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# BeingLOVEDIs Charity Event Success!

beinglovedis charity event

Here was an event I had to give back to the community!

On Friday, January 18th I asked the San Diego community to come together at 1202 nightclub in Hillcrest to help me support Christie's Place. I could not be more grateful, because the event was a huge success! We raised over $2,000 for a great charity, and so many people came out to help pull it all together.

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A Circus Event: Raising Money for a Good Cause

beinglovedis being loved is love hands circus volunteer charity event

I am giving back to the community with my BeingLOVEDIs project.

Being loved is part of being human; everyone is different and so are the perspectives on love. It is universal. Everyone knows the feeling and understands the concept. We all want to be loved and to give love back. Being loved has indescribable emotions that everyone connects with no matter the age, race, gender, economic status, or world they live in.

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