The #BeingLOVEDIs Project

Being loved is being human; we all want it and need it in our lives. Love is something we all can relate to and connect through with relationships. Love comes in many forms. Friends, family, pets, and lovers show their affection different from one another. I decided to start this project to understand how everyone experiences what being loved is, and the creative ways they decide to share it. Our hard wiring as a human is to feel connected through love. To give and receive love is part of our wiring.

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My adventure is to learn what being loved means to others.

Being loved is something everyone deserves.   The #BeingLovedIs campaign, also known as hashtag “being loved is” for the non-twitter folks, is my little project out of the counseling world.

As a therapist, I am constantly learning about other people and their experiences in life.  The main focus in my practice is helping others give and get love.  I decided to start a hash tag project to learn about what being loved is for many people through social media.  As my campaign began to grow, it became a place for community connection.  Now I connect with people in person and online.

A hashtag is the # symbol used with a key phrase or word within twitter.  It allows others to find common threads and comments using the specific topic or item.  Hash tags are now used and attached to other social networks.  My hash tag is #BeingLOVEDIs.  People can express their meaning to being loved and show it on various social networking sites.  Visit my site to see all the great photos! BeingLOVEDIs

I’d like to hear what being loved is to you.  Please mention #BeingLovedIs on your Instagram photos, tweet it, or post it on my facebook page.

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