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Don't hide yourself.

I love relationship quotes about love and I try to share them through my online social media accounts, such as twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  This weekend I came across this photo (below) on Facebook and I absolutely loved the relationship quote.  It has such a great message.

be weird


“Be Weird. Be Random. Be Who You Are. Because You Never Know Who Would Love The Person You Hide.” – M. anonymous (well, I just can’t seem to make out the signed name).

I took a photo of it, put a little  of my own touch to it, and decided to post it on to my pinterest board. Posting it to the online site, I thought it would be something nice to share with my friends and followers.  Later that evening I was surprised to find the pin had over 1,000 re-pins; it had gone viral! Up to date it has been re-pinned nearly 2,442 times (and it hasn’t even been 24 hours since I posted it).  This got me to thinking about the message behind the pin…

Sharing Your Whole Self

In my counseling office, I find that so many people believe that hiding parts of themselves is a protective stance.  They may hold back who they really are in fear of getting rejected or to avoid being seen as weak.  But the ironic thing is that people want to know ALL, to love all.  Most couples I work with will report that they actually want to know more of their partner, to see the vulnerable side (or weird and random sides), and often gain more respect of their partners.  So basically you never know that there may be someone out there looking and wanting to know ALL parts of you.  You have to simply take the risk.  Be your WHOLE you.  Don’t hide yourself back behind a wall.  Be Weird.  Be You!

If you can make out the name of quote, or know the author, please let me know so I can give them credit.

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