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How to Handle an Overly Anxious Partner

handle an anxious partner

Keep your relationship connected during the difficult times.

When you are living with anxiety or panic, it can be debilitating. You feel like you can’t breathe in the midst of it, or worse – you believe you're actually going to die or catastrophic events are always around the corner. It can also be very stressful to be the partner of someone with extreme anxiety. No matter what you say, you feel like you can’t alleviate your spouse’s anxiety and she snaps at you when you say the wrong thing.

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Help! My Husband is Getting Deployed

husband is getting deployed

Can your love go the distance with the distance in miles between you? This is a question surprisingly many couples are faced with in today’s society. With thousands of men and women in the military on their scheduled deployments, and spouses seeking jobs outside their county due to market declines, this is much more common now than ever. So we ask our self….. Can we make it? How do we make it? And the ever infamous question of, “will he stay faithful?” These questions can and will taunt an individual all the days of their lives if they do not have a good solid foundation in their relationship.

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Simple Ways to Stop Stress and Decrease Anxiety

destress combat stress fight worry relax calm down zen gentle release tension

Don't spend your life stressed out

As a therapist in San Diego, I focus on helping my clients find more effective and useful ways to cope with anxiety and stop stress. Stress and anxiety come in many forms and can be difficult to deal with on a daily basis. You might notice it impacting how you work, the way you parent, or even the way you communicate in your relationships.

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