Advice on How to Survive Valentine’s Day being Single

Advice on How to Survive Valentine’s Day being Single

Don't let this February day get you down

It's that time of year where San Diego stores are filled with red balloons, lover's hearts, and romantic items for the committed relationships.  For some people, this special February day can be exciting and romantic, and for others it can be torture. This time of year can hit deep and be another reminder of your relationship status....single. It doesn't have to be that can survive Valentine's Day and avoid the pain.

Here are a few simple things you can do to survive the holiday and thrive being single:

  • Change the Radar: The radar in our mind can automatically pick out the “what I don’t have” and the alarm will sound when around couples holding hands, or exchanging hugs, or even with valentine gifts.  Instead of the radar focused on what you don’t have, change it to notice what you do have. Focus on your friends, your family, your support, etc.
  • Make the Best of it: Simply because you don’t have a partner, doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the holiday. Meet up with a few friends/family and create your own meaning of Valentine’s Day.   Make the best of it and have it as your friendship and family appreciation day.
  • Stay Away From the Blues: It is easy to go into the depression dumps when your relationship status is brought to your attention.  The blues are filled with sadness, isolation, and negative thoughts.  Keep yourself up-beat by spending time with friends, exercising, and organizing your life.  The more proactive you are on Valentine’s Day, the more power you have to stay away from the depression blues.
  • Moving Up Goals:  Empower yourself and use this day as a way to set goals for yourself.  Write down what you want in your life, including physical health, emotional well being, relationships, and career goals.  Create a list of your wants and the steps you plan to take to reach your desires.
  • Leisure Day: Make Valentine’s Day your day to enjoy your favorite hobby, relaxation, and leisure.  This can be your way of enjoying the day doing what you do best!  Surround yourself with what you enjoy doing most.
  • Single-hood Strengths: Cherish this time being single and focus on the strengths of being single.  Make it a challenge throughout the day to find strengths and how it may be good for you right now.

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