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Worst Relationship Advice

Make him/her jealous and think you don’t care – Wrong. By making him/her jealous or think you don’t care will only create an anxious relationship. The partner will be in a more fearful position and your walls will only cause the relationship to spiral out of control. The more you keep yourself from expressing your true emotions, the more distance and conflict is created. Be you. If you care, show it. Don’t play games to get reassurance. It… Continue reading

Affordable Counseling San Diego – $85.00 – $100.00

You can get the help you want and be sensitive to your wallet. It is true! Looking for a therapist can already be a difficult task. The harder part of starting counseling will be finding the therapist that you can afford and get the help that best fits your needs. Take a look around the website and see if we’d be a fit. We understand the importance of therapy and we want to have an open door for everyone. Whether you are looking for… Continue reading

Six Steps for Dating Your Spouse Again

Here are my six steps to get out of the routine of disconnection and start dating your spouse again. These steps will not only set you up for success, it will help keep your date nights on the right track when they do happen. Make dating each other intentional: Bill Doherty, in his book ‘The Intentional Family,’ is so spot-on when he describes this: “An intentional marriage is one where the partners are conscious, deliberate, and planful about… Continue reading

Four Divorce Predictions and Their Antidotes

Criticism This is a very common horsemen that can show up in all relationships. Typically, it comes from a place of the speaker just wanting to be seen and heard in their pain and their perspective on an issue. Criticism is stating a complaint as a flaw in your partner’s personality, issuing blame, or a global statement. It typically starts with the word “YOU.” This can look like “ You are so lazy, you never do the dishes when I ask you to.”… Continue reading

Estes Therapy Team’s Favorite Love Songs

Fantasy – Mariah Carey – Young Ju Ho Hey – The Lumineers – Echo Gaffney Contigo Aprendí – Luis Miguel – Rina Podolsky Slow Hands – Niall Horan – Deborah Mori Better Together – Jack Johnson… Continue reading