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Worst Relationship Advice

…some sleep instead and have revisit the discussion in the morning. – Jackie Find your soulmate: This belief can be toxic because it sets people up for unrealistic expectations in a relationship. Looking for your ‘soulmate’ can leave folks searching for that one perfect person, and when the person does one thing ‘wrong,’ it’s used as evidence for why they aren’t their soulmate. This belief can also set up the expectation for “mind-reading,” w… Continue reading

Estes Therapy Team’s Favorite Love Songs

…ance – Lee Brice – Jackie Wielick Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Sarah O’Leary Listening to your favorite love songs can help you get mentally ready for connection with your partner during date night. Put on a playlist as you drive home, get ready, or are cooking for your date. We’d love to hear about your favo… Continue reading