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Dating Advice For Men: The Do’s and Don’ts

…grooming, smelling good and dressing well. Coffee or Wine: Have the first date be a shorter date, either coffee or wine. If for some reason the date goes bad, you are only committed for a short amount of time and you have an escape route. If things go well, you can always stay longer. Show up on time (or a few minutes early): Never keep the woman waiting. Tardiness sets the tone for the rest of the date and it can set you up for failure. If for s… Continue reading

Date Night Advice: Five Strategies to Making it Unforgettable

…’t get you anywhere romantic and too much talk about weather will put your date to sleep! Date Night Advice: Be open and optimistic Be optimistic. Come to the date with a positive mindset and without too many negative assumptions. Try and think positively when out on a first date or special date with your partner. Try not to focus on the fact that you prefer to date men that are over 5’10 and this guys is only 5’8 ½ or that that girl has brown hai… Continue reading

$20 Date Night Tips: Keeping your Relationship Strong when Money is Tight (Series 1)

…you should skip out on date night! My partner and I created a game called $20 Date Night for just this reason. We scheduled every Friday night as date night and took turns switching off creating the date. The goal was to create a date night by only spending $20. To our surprise, we came up with many dates for $20 or less; it just took imagination and creativity. Here are a few ideas for creating a $20 or less date night. Take the challenge and cr… Continue reading

$20 (or less) Date Night Ideas: Recession-Proof your Marriage (Series 2)

…inny Dipping at home: Sometimes we simply need to step out of the box and do something exciting! If you have a pool, take off the clothes and jump in…No cost and a lot of fun. Read my other article about $20 Date Night ideas for more ideas and share some of your own dates that are low cost! Also, learn how to keep your relationship strong when money is tight. Make an appointment at Estes Therapy… Continue reading

Creative Innovative Date Night Ideas

…entire afternoon together, and you will have plenty to talk about! Do the Date Backwards: Switch up your night and do your date night backwards! Stop by a dessert shop, then go to dinner, and top off the night with a late movie. Doing any date backwards can change up your normal routine as a couple. Sometimes even a simple spin on your date night can make you feel like you are spicing up your life! Of course, try a new restaurant or theater as we… Continue reading

7 Easy Date Night Recipe Ideas

…o cook. Maybe you know you’re going to have a hectic day before your date night. Slow-cookers to the rescue! Throw it all in before you leave for work, and by the time you get home it’ll be ready for you. My favourite are these Korean style tacos from but has a ton of great slow-cooker recipes. 5. Vegan Date Night Whether you are vegan, you do “meatless Mondays,” or you just want to try… Continue reading

Dating Advice: How to Be a Charming Date

…ted in the moment. No distractions: Being attentive and respectful to your date means keeping outside distractions to a minimum. Turn off your cell, don’t look at the tv in the restaurant, and if you run into someone you know, introduce your date and keep it brief. Nothing says “you’re not important” like giving these your attention when you are supposed to have get-to-know-you time. Show that you’re listening: Show that you are retaining th… Continue reading

Free Dates in San Diego (and elsewhere!)

…ed, there’s nothing wrong with a little Netflix and chill until next date night. 😉 1. Have a coffee date at the library. Figure out which library location is closest to you or looks like the most fun. Make your drinks at home and put them in to-go cups or pick something up on the way. You can have a quiet reading date together or look through magazines or books for your next project. Maybe you’re dreaming of setting up a garden or gett… Continue reading

5 Tips for Keeping Texting from Hurting your Relationships

…g five things. 1. Don’t text during date night. If you’re texting during a date, whether it’s the first date or five years into marriage, you’re telling the other person that they’re not special enough for you to devote all of your attention to them. Don’t make your date feel inferior to your cell phone – turn it off on date night! If you must, check it only briefly for important messages, but don’t carry on long text or phone conversations when t… Continue reading

Date Night Ideas in San Diego

…ght soaking by the jets. Whatever you decide to do for your spa night, keep the phones away. No texting, no calling, no social media, no checking the news. This night is to relax with your partner. Date night is аll about mаkіng an effort. Hopefully some of these ideas will spark your creativity and get you thinking of dates perfectly tailored to your relationship…. Continue reading

Single and Ready to Date? How to Get Ready for a Relationship

…for awhile. Either way, it is only fair to yourself and those whom you may date for you to know what you want. I’m not talking about a list of cosmetic non-negotiable traits. Rather, think about whether you are dating casually and openly or if you are looking for something long-term and exclusive. What kind of things are most important to you in a relationship? Are you all about fun and excitement or low-key bonding? Get ready for a relation… Continue reading

Six Steps for Dating Your Spouse Again

…er together. Try and make it a point to have this conversation during your date night, for at least 20 minutes, taking turns speaking, actively listening, and supporting each other. Ask open-ended questions: Who we are is fluid and can change over time- and it is important to not forget that this can happen with our partners, too. Make it a point to learn something new about each other on your date. Remember, open-ended questions are questions tha… Continue reading

Good First Dates with People You Know a Little

…know each other, but the conversation doesn’t have to be driven by stories about yourselves, it can evolve from what is happening around you. Not only that, but if things aren’t going well you can either cut these dates short or even get through the date by having fun with the activity itself. Have a great time! Written by David Hail. He provides all kinds of fun date ideas on his web site. Want to make an appointment with Estes Thera… Continue reading

Are You Struggling with Infertility?

…eity, excitement, and arousal even though it’s scheduled. Spice It Up With Date night! Have a weekly date night where you agree to not discuss anything fertility related. When you are in the thick of fertility testing, taking a million different medications, and frequenting the doctor you sometimes forget you have a life outside of trying to have a baby; date nights will help you remember. Discuss All Options Talk with your partner about the lengt… Continue reading

Best 50 Relationship Tips of the Year

…apy process or draw it out longer. Be real with your therapist. Singlehood Date Night: plan a date with yourself! Go to the movies, get take out, or get massage. Are you resentful towards your partner? Maybe this is a sign for help. Don’t wait until the resentment drives a wedge in between the bond. Don’t assume your partner understands what you need or feel. They can’t read your mind. BE SUPER DUPER clear with them. “Don’t point out what others d… Continue reading