3 Apps to Help You Keep a Resolution

It’s easy to make a New Year’s resolution, but not so easy to keep a resolution. If you do it right, though, resolutions are a great way to improve an aspect of your life and build a stronger YOU! Whether it’s getting physically healthy, creating a better relationship, or trying something new, a resolution is a good tool to set goals for yourself. As well intentioned as you are when you decide on a resolution, though, it’s easy to fall into old habits by mid-March and the next thing you know your plans are out the door.

resolution apps for self esteem

If you’re like me and carry your iPhone with you everywhere, there is help available! Here are 3 apps that vow to help you keep a resolution and reach your goals. And remember, you don’t have to wait until January 1st to start a resolution, you can begin any time!

Have you tried any of these apps or do you know of another great one? Share your stories in the comments!

  1. 43 things:

    The part of this app that I like is that you can keep track of the percentage of your goal that is done. I know that sometimes seeing a visual representation of how far you are to your goal is really motivating! You can also check off when a task is done or goal is met so you feel accomplished. This app also lets you write notes to yourself about your goals. If you are trying to be more romantic with your partner, for example, you can keep track of all the little things you do for each other.

  2. Smart goals (iTunes or Google Play):

    I’m intrigued by this app because it encourages people to set specific, measured goals that are realistic – all important parts of making a change in your life. You can break up big goals into smaller milestones, which is essential to successfully making  a major change. When you break your goals into smaller pieces they’re not so overwhelming. This app can even suggest goals for you if you’re stuck!

  3. GymPact:

    This app is for people who are frugal or just financially motivated! It’s designed for getting into physical shape specifically. Basically, you set a goal for how many days/hours you want to work out for the month, and decide how much money you’ll pay if you fail to meet the goal. When you go to the gym, you check in and the GPS on your phone checks to see if you’re actually at a gym! If you don’t meet your goal, you have to pay money, so you have plenty of motivation to stay on track. What do you think? Would a monetary incentive help you stay motivated? Staying physically fit can help you feel better mentally and regulate emotions, so I am all about encouraging people to get in shape!

Sometimes we need the extra help to achieve our goals. The electronics are making it easier and easier to stay on track and meet our goals. If you have an app that has helped you keep a resolution, share it in the comment space below!

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