$20 (or less) Date Night Ideas: Recession-Proof your Marriage (Series 2)

$20 (or less) Date Night Ideas: Recession-Proof your Marriage (Series 2)

Keep your marriage healthy without breaking the bank

Everyone (and I think I can say this as a blanket statement) is impacted in one way or another from the economic stress; businesses closing, loss of jobs, constant worry about job security, foreclosing the home, friends struggling, or simply the news telling you another bad thing. Anxiety may be higher than ever, but this doesn’t mean you have to stop connecting with your partner.  In fact, this is the time to support one another through the stress and help alleviate the pain.

A few years back, my husband was in school and I was starting my therapy practice.  We didn’t have much money at the time, yet we realized the importance of nurturing the relationship.  We started a game called $20 Date Night where every Friday night we switched off with creating the date. The goal is to create a date with only spending $20 or less. To our surprise, we came up with many dates; it just took imagination and creativity.  To this day, we continue or date night challenge. Here are some date night ideas to get you started.

Don’t let the recession get in the way of your relationship. Take the challenge and create your own date…I dare you!!!

  • Free Admission to the Museum: I live in sunny San Diego where many museums provide a free admission one day per month (each day is specific per museum).  Take the time to admire artwork and see something new.  Play a game with your partner and see if you can guess what each other like and dislike.  Talk to your local museums and see if they have any discounts.
  • Hike and a Picnic: Life gets busy with the every day routine and we can frequently take for granted the beauty of nature.  Take a hike with your partner and bring along fresh fruits and homemade food for two.  Relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature.
  • date night ideasCoffee and a Game: There are many coffee shops that provide game boards and books for their customers to use while enjoying coffee.  Mix it up a bit… sip on a latte and challenge your partner at a game.
  • A Night at home (without the kids): A night at home relaxing, watching movies, cuddling in bed, and connecting intimately is a date all on its own.  Drop the kids off at a friend’s house for a no cost date.  This free date is a huge investment in your relationship that will pay off in the long run. Don’t forget to stay away from cleaning, bills, or anything else that may keep you from focusing on one another.
  • Dance Classes: Because I live in lovely San Diego, there are various restaurants/bars that provide a first time free dance lesson.   Get dressed up and learn how to move your bodies together to the music.
  • Skinny Dipping at home: Sometimes we simply need to step out of the box and do something exciting!  If you have a pool, take off the clothes and jump in…No cost and a lot of fun.

Read my other article about $20 Date Night ideas for more ideas and share some of your own dates that are low cost!  Also, learn how to keep your relationship strong when money is tight.

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