$20 Date Night Tips: Keeping your Relationship Strong when Money is Tight (Series 1)

$20 date night ideas relationship advice

You can have fun on a budget

Many couples have stress with their finances and struggle to keep the marriage secure.

A marriage needs to be nurtured, similar to growing a flower.  It needs sunlight, water, nutrients from the soil, and time to grow.

A few years back, my husband was in school and I was starting my therapy practice.  We didn’t have much money at the time, yet wanted to keep the relationship strong and connected.

We started a game called $20 Date Night.

We scheduled every Friday night as date night and took turns switching off creating the date.  The goal was to create a date night by only spending $20.  To our surprise, we came up with many dates for $20 or less; it just took imagination and creativity.  

Date night is a relationship necessity and should be a priority … just like giving a plant its water and sunlight on a regular basis.  Don’t let the lack of money get in the way of your relationship.  I encourage you to take the challenge and create your $20 date night!

Here are a few ideas for creating a $20 or less date night.  Take the challenge and create your own date … I dare you!!!

  • Dinner for two: Find a local restaurant that provides a happy hour menu. Order several appetizers to share. Many restaurants have large portions and the two of you can be satisfied with just a few items.
  • 20 date night ideas relationship blogTiki Torches: Why spend money if you can have your date in your own back yard? Spend a few dollars on tiki torches and create a romantic ambiance without spending much money. Dinner outside and focusing on one another is a great way to nurture your relationship without hurting the bank account. Plus you don’t have to pay for babysitting!
  • Sunset and Sandwiches: Take the time to watch a beautiful sunset while eating gourmet sandwiches from your local deli. Cuddle up with a blanket and enjoy the view!
  • Picnic at the Park: Nice weather, homemade food, and a cozy blanket can make the best date out at the park. The relaxing atmosphere and a place to focus on one another. Bring along a deck of cards or a
  • Bonfire Dinners: Here in San Diego there are many different beaches where you can have a bonfire. If you have the luxury of a bonfire pit, take your partner out and have dinner and s’mores around the fire.
  • Open-mic Night: Many coffee shops do an open microphone night for musicians, comedians, etc. Be adventurous and hit a coffee shop near you. The price of a latte and sugary scone might just hit the spot!
  • Matinee Movie: Dates don’t have to be during the evening … matinee movies are great cost-savers and still allow you  time together as a couple. Snuggle up and enjoy the movie.
  • Movie and Snacks: Avoid the uncomfortable cuddling in a movie theatre and have a movie night at home. Spread out your favorite snack items, such as cheese, crackers, veggies, etc.

Share your $20 date night ideas with us!


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