Intimacy Advice: Top 10 Tips for Using Feng Shui in the Bedroom

feng shui in the bedroom

Create a space primed for intimacy

by Amanda Collins

Where you live and work has an incredible effect on your health and well being.

According to the EPA, on average, people spend at least 87% of their time indoors. This is why creating peaceful and harmonious environments is so important.

Here are some Feng Shui tips for your bedroom to help make sure your environment is supportive and loving for your relationships:

  • Remove clutter: When you get rid of clutter, you are making room for romance. If you are single, create an empty space in your closet for a future lover’s things. If attached, make room in your drawers and closets so there is equal space for both you and your partner’s possessions. Remove items from past relationships.
  • No TV or exercise equipment! Keep the TV out of the bedroom. Any electronic equipment should be placed in the office or another area of the home. A TV in the bedroom is not conducive to romance. The bedroom is for lovin’ not work. A treadmill or workout machine in the bedroom makes your relationship exhausting.
  • Always have things in pairs: Replace mismatched night-tables with a set to encourage equality in your relationship. Have a pair of lights show you want to share your life and home with your loved one.
  • Decorate your room in the right color: Shades of pink help draw love to you more easily and create a romantic mood. Red, used sparingly, can be a sexy, bold color, one that creates passion or helps draw in a new lover.
  • Check the statues and art in your bedroom: Replace any photos, sculptures or art of single people or figures. Replace them with happy couples. This simple change will help draw a wonderful partner! You should discard or put away any photos and momentos of old flames. Gifts and anything with the ex’s energy on it, will keep new love at bay.
  • feng shui in the bedroomBed placement: Having your bed up against a wall pushes away your chance for love. You should have your bed positioned so there is enough space to walk on either side. Not in line with the door, but so that you are able to see the door as you sleep.
  • The size of your bed matters! If you are single, a single mattress is not a good idea, and snoozing on a king size mattress doesn’t encourage romance, there’s too much space. Sleeping on a huge mattress won’t encourage intimacy. Invest in a full size or a queen. What’s under your bed also affects your sleep.
  • Satin sheets: Think of sensual, soft bedding when selecting pillows, sheets and comforters. Any type of bedding that creates a cozy environment is great for the bedroom.
  • Rose quartz: Buy chunks of rose quartz, rose quartz hearts, or rose quartz lamps, and place them in your bedroom. This stone is known to draw love into your life, increase self-love and help heal a broken heart.
  • Personal photos: Don’t display family and kid photos in the bedroom. This is said to hinder your sex life. Put them in the living or family room where they belong!
  • Set the mood – the mood in the bedroom is important too: Light scented candles, and drape your lamps in sheer fabrics or lace. Keep lighting soft. Play romantic music. Place “happy” photos of you and your honey on the dresser.

Amanda Collins is a Feng Shui expert serving both residential and corporate clients in San Diego.

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