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5 Ways to Build Trust in Your Relationship

Trust relationships foundations connection marriage

The importance of trust

Trust is an essential part of the foundations of a relationship. Without trust, your partner won't be able to turn to you for support, comfort, or guidance in issues both big and small. Without trust, there is a wall between you and your partner. In order to grow together in the relationship you need to be able to form that special bond -- you need to be able to rely on your partner, to feel safe and supported, to feel connected.

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Life on The Fence

on the fence

What to Consider if You're One Foot Out the Door.

Women who are unfulfilled in a relationship soon begin to live on the fence. Half invested the relationship, half completely checked out and ready to leave. When this happens, you can’t seem to find that feeling of love and feeling alive. Thoughts of stepping out of the relationship become more frequent and much more tempting. Women might feel especially torn because they don’t want to do the wrong thing, the guilt takes over, or the fear of the unknown gets overwhelming. The hardest part is when children are part of the equation; women can feel a strong sense of obligation to make it work for the kids yet they are dying inside. If you’re on the fence, look for the signs of burn out and ask yourself some big questions.

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Women Having Affairs: How to Make a Decision


How to deal with the guilt and make a decision

Women who have affairs can often feel as if their marriage has had a long death. You may have been emotionally unfulfilled for years, longing for a connection that feels unrequited. After years of reaching out and thinking it’s not working…you burn out. Sometimes, a certain someone can walk into your life and ignite a spark. This new relationship gets you excited, makes you feel validated, and might even make you feel like a Victoria Secret model. However, affairs can also bring guilt and shame, and figuring out how to resolve both relationships won’t be easy. Here’s what you need to know.

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7 Signs You Need Couples Counseling


How to recognize your relationship is on the brink...and get reconnected

If your relationship is on the rocks, you might start to question whether or not you’re in the right situation. Before you throw in the towel, you should definitely consider couples counseling, which can help you learn to change your patterns as a couple and start to move forward in a more healthy way. If you don’t know whether or not you’re in trouble, here are the signs you need couples counseling.

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