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Questions to Ask & Address Before You Say “I Do”

Questions to Ask & Address Before You Say “I Do”

Marriage is no simple, everyday thing. So make sure you are ready for this life-long commitment by addressing some of the fundamentals of the relationship.

There are thousands of questions that we can go through before getting married, but I chose the main issues that I continue to see couples struggle with. Having a game plan before you get married suppress the sometimes overwhelming feeling of, “am I making the right decision?” and will allow you and your future spouse to feel so connected and tightly knit that nothing can get break the everlasting bond you are about to enter.

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San Diego Crisis Resources

san diego depression

Sometimes We Might Need a Little Help...

There are times when we simply can't manage to take on any more burden, pain, or suffering. The really hard days may feel unbearable, difficult to pick yourself up, or hopeless about your situation. It is at this time when reaching out for outside help might do the trick....or at least help you get moving in the right direction.

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How to Communicate with Wedding Vendors

wedding vendors

It’s time to plan your wedding and tie the knot!

Planning a wedding is fun for some brides and grooms, yet for others it can be full of ups-and-downs. Some of the “downers” in wedding planning is the mis communication and difficult contacts with vendors. Since a large portion of wedding planning is communicating with vendors, I decided to reach out directly to other wedding vendors to hear what they had to say about preventing miscommunication.

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Relationship Resources

Take Action, Be In Control....from the Inside Out

Below are different links, resources, and tools that will help you navigate through life. You will find various resources such as my column Relationships in the Raw, article pieces that I have written, books that I recommend to my clients, crisis hotlines, and other links that I think might be useful to you. As always, if there are questions or concerns about your current situation, please contact me immediately. Resources are always useful, but never a solution to self help your own issues.

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LGBT Resources

LGBT support


San Diego has a wealth of services available to the LGBT community, if you know where to look. In addition to offering therapy services to the LGBT community at Estes Therapy, we're happy to share some of the other LGBT resources in our city. All of the organizations below offer help to the San Diego LGBT community, from wedding planning to finding a place of worship.

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Are You a Bridezilla?

are you a bridezilla

Are you a bridezilla? There is this huge amount of pressure to have that perfect wedding, to have exactly what we want and how we want it, and to make our vision of that day to come true. And at the same time, it can be easy to fall into the role of Bridezilla. So take a look and see if you are on your way to being a Bridezilla.

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