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Worst Relationship Advice

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17 Examples of the Worst Relationship Advice We've Heard

We all like to give and get advice. We read it in magazines and articles online, we hear it on tv and from friends and family. Sometimes, the advice is not good, and can actually be harmful to a relationship or an individual. We put together a list of the 17 worst pieces of relationship advice we've heard, and an explanation to why each piece is not true.

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5 Steps To Stop Looking at Your Ex’s Social Media Account

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Social Media and Break Ups

In this day and age, not only do we have the possibility of running into our ex's when we're out and about, but the ever-present social media makes checking up on them a constant option. You're killing time waiting in line or unwinding after work and the thought of "what is he/she up to" creeps into your head, and finding out is just one click away.

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Single During the Holidays? How to Stay Merry

Single During the Holidays? How to Stay Merry

If you’re newly single, or just single in general, the holiday season may seem like a constant reminder that you’re not in a relationship.

However, the happy couples around you who are exchanging gifts and getting engaged don’t have to bring you down! Whether or not you are in a romantic relationship there is plenty to be thankful for and enjoy during the holidays. Here are some tips to enjoying the holiday season without a significant other.

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The Party Scene in the Gayborhood: Signs to Call it Quits or Cut Back on Partying

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Do you know a lot of the bartenders, bouncers, and regulars when you go out in Hillcrest? Are the endless nights of socializing, hook-ups, drinking, partying, and whatever else comes your way a regular occurrence in your life? Or better yet, have you mastered the party scene in Hillcrest and know exactly how to find the next hotspot of the night?

Partying can be a blast, especially in a community where you know a lot of people. But let's be real....sometimes partying can simply get way out of hand. Don't get me wrong, I like to have a good time and go out on the town....but I have also seen how partying can damage various aspects of relationships and life. The gay and gay-friendly community is large in San Diego, yet it can also be very small at the same time.

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Single? Don’t Sweat It

Single? Don't Sweat It

Why it's better to be happily ever single than in a mediocre relationship.

Sometimes when a relationship ends, or you haven’t been in a relationship for a while, you might start to feel down or as if being single is the worst thing in the world. Or, you might stay in a relationship that is less than stellar because you’re afraid of being alone. In reality, it’s better to be single, strong, and happy than be in a mediocre relationship just so you have the validation of being a part of a couple. There are several benefits to being single instead of staying in a bad relationship.

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Quote: Be Weird. Be You

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Don't hide yourself.

I love relationship quotes about love and I try to share them through my online social media accounts, such as twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  This weekend I came across this photo (below) on Facebook and I absolutely loved the relationship quote.  It has such a great message.

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