EFT Supervision

San Diego EFT Supervisor in training

Do you want to feel more confident in your Emotionally Focused Therapy techniques? Are you ready to get unstuck in your therapy? I provide EFT supervision to help you get unstuck.

Seeking support in Emotionally Focused Therapy is an important part of your therapy career.  I know what it is like to know that I have accessed emotions with my couples, yet lost on what to do next.  You can take some comfort in knowing that I have gone through the challenges of learning (and still learning), I am a licensed MFT and certified in EFT.   I am passionate about my couples work in EFT and I enjoy teaching other therapists in the model.   At my office, I provide both individual and group supervision for therapists who want to grow in the EFT model.

If you are looking for an EFT supervisor, I would like to talk to you further about what exactly you are looking for and make sure we can find a good fit for you.

Options for EFT Supervision San Diego:

  • Group EFT Supervision: $75 per group session (2 hour session)
  • Individual EFT Supervision: $150 per hour
  • Joint Supervision: $75 per person. 2 therapists seeking support and splitting the cost.
  • Student/Intern EFT Supervision: $75 per hour

If you have any questions about EFT Supervision San Diego, please give me a call and we can talk.  619-471-7104.