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5 Steps To Stop Looking at Your Ex’s Social Media Account

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Social Media and Break Ups

In this day and age, not only do we have the possibility of running into our ex's when we're out and about, but the ever-present social media makes checking up on them a constant option. You're killing time waiting in line or unwinding after work and the thought of "what is he/she up to" creeps into your head, and finding out is just one click away.

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Free Dates in San Diego (and elsewhere!)

Keep an eye on your account balance while keeping the romance alive.

Most of us in relationships know that dedicated date nights are a good idea, especially once the relationship becomes committed and settles a bit. But a nice dinner and a show can get a little pricey. Fortunately for you and your bank account, expense ≠ romance. A little creativity and planning can make all the difference and that thoughtfulness is what really translates to your partner. Without further ado, here are some ideas for free dates in San Diego. If you're not in our lovely city, no worries! Try looking for an equivalent locale for your area.

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Dating Advice: How to Be a Charming Date

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Dating Advice by Jen Zajac, IMF

So you have a date -- regardless of your gender and if you were asked or did the asking, it’s likely you have some pre-date butterflies. We all have a desire to be perceived in our best light ("charming", if you will), and the pressure of ‘getting everything right’ on our first impression (or first few impressions) can be stressful. It’s human to want to be liked, and many often fret about saying the wrong thing or coming across the wrong way (especially if we have already established that we do indeed have an interest in the other party). The most charming dates are those that show genuine interest in getting to know their dates.

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Date Night Advice: Five Strategies to Making it Unforgettable

Date Night Advice: Make Date Night Unforgettable. How to be a good date.

Think about what makes someone come home from a date night and tell their friends, "Wow, that was a great date! I had an awesome time and can’t wait to see them again.” While it might have been the wine or great music, it was most likely something more to it. Things that make a first date truly memorable are often found greater in the mental rather than the physical connections.

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Creative Innovative Date Night Ideas

creative innovative date night ideas

Are you running out of innovative date night ideas? I am here to help! It is always important to change things up in your relationship from time to time, and creative dates can be a great way to see a new side of your partner or reconnect your relationship.

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Dating Long Distance

Dating Long Distance

How to Make it Work

Long distance love can be difficult, but it’s not necessarily a relationship death sentence. If you are really committed to someone, then there are ways to sustain your connection until you can live in the same city. Some couples maintain a long distance relationship for years, especially when professional opportunities don’t make it easy to get close. Here are some ways to stay connected to your loved one even when the miles keep you apart.

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Relationship Advice: How to Stop Snooping

Relationship Advice: How to Stop Snooping

Don't create more distrust in your relationship

The moment you have a suspicion that your spouse is cheating or something just “isn’t right,” you might be tempted to start going through his things. Maybe you scroll through his text messages, or hack into his email. These invasions of privacy, often called “snooping” or “creeping” will probably come back to haunt you. If your partner finds out that you snooped through his stuff, it can just create a bigger issue than you already have. When you lack trust in the relationship, here are some things you can do instead of snooping.

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Newlyweds: The First Year

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Issues to Consider

A lot of shows on the Bravo network only provide a guilty pleasure, but a new show caught my eye because it deals with the first year of marriage, which can be a challenging time for any couple. The series follows four couples for a year, all of whom are in very different situations. They deal with issues like money, sex, a short courtship, familial approval of the relationship, and control. I will be writing up a blog each week as the episodes unfold, and talking about the issues that come up.

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Creating a Healthy Vacation as a Couple

tips to a successful couples vacation retreat trip

Going away on vacation is an essential part of a stress-free life style. Sometimes we all need a break from the daily grind to get back into a physically and emotionally healthy state. Whether it’s an expensive trip abroad, or just a “staycation” where you rent a hotel room for a few nights in your own city, getting into holiday mode lets you relax, leave your worries behind, and reconnect as a couple.

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Online Dating Advice: How to bounce back quickly when things went wrong

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How to recover from an Internet relationship gone wrong

If you haven't seen the documentary or television show called "Catfish," it's a good tool for learning how to protect yourself when in an online relationship. The term
"catfish" in relation to online dating stems from the way real catfish behave when they're in a container with another fish. The catfish will nip at the other fish's fins constantly, keeping the other fish active and making life interesting. In the realm of Internet dating, a catfish is a person who keeps you on your toes in a similar way. They do this by refusing to meet in person, coming up with excuses to get out of Skype or phone chats, and often telling tall tales -- all of which means you're left guessing and feeling emotional highs and lows.

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