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Worst Relationship Advice

…feel happy and peaceful when they are falling asleep, but staying up all night fighting is not a realistic solution. Give yourself permission to get some sleep instead and have revisit the discussion in the morning. – Jackie Find your soulmate: This belief can be toxic because it sets people up for unrealistic expectations in a relationship. Looking for your ‘soulmate’ can leave folks searching for that one perfect person, and when the… Continue reading

Four Divorce Predictions and Their Antidotes

…stonewalling show up and work to keep the negative cycles in your relationship going. Every couple will fall into negative cycles every now and then, but it’s being able to identify and rectify those cycles that is key to a lasting and happy relationship.   Want to read more from Dr. John Gottman? Check out our recommended books. Article by Jackie Wielick, IMF…. Continue reading

Six Steps for Dating Your Spouse Again

…eing intentional about doing the best you can at the place you’re at. If these steps don’t feel achievable at this point in your relationship, know that that’s okay too. We have a team of caring professionals at Estes Therapy that will help you get to the root of the problem and get you back to dating each other again.   Happy dating!! Jacqueline (Jackie) Wielick , MFTI, #IMF100541… Continue reading